Saturday, August 27, 2005

I'm FREE!!!!

Tally stayed the night at my moms house last night and is still with her until we go over there later this afternoon. Matt went fishing with my dad so I've been free all day. (Well since I woke up at 10:30) lol I'm not totally free anymore... Matt just walked in the door. He can take care of himself though. hehehe

I've been working on cloned names for my Sweetest Things buddies. It makes you feel so good when people like something that you did and ask you to make things for them. I love doing it!!!

I guess I'm a PSP and Photoshop addict now. My addiction is getting worse as the days go by. lmao I'm constantly on the search for more tutorials so I can learn more more more things. All of these Yahoo groups are hard to keep up with. I moved one more to my regular address because I like to keep up with it. So that leaves the two psp tubes groups on my 2GB email at that I haven't checked it in a couple days and I'm kind of scared. lol 200-400 emails I'm sure. eeekkkkk!!! So I'm not checking it until tomorrow because I don't have the time to go through it. What's an extra 100+ emails anyways.....

Decided to share a couple of pics today! This is looking out the front door of my condo. Sometimes I wish I would have known this before we bought the place but we really don't go out the front much anyways. So here is my lake!

And this picture is of one of my dogs Chance being pulled out from underneath the couch because he decided it was a good idea to try and go get his toy himself and then precedes to get himself stuck.

Tonight is dinner and game night at my parents. I'm ready to kick some a$$! Matt won at Monopoly last week and I'm not sure if that is what we are playing or not but if we are .... I'm going to play dirty!!! My mom and I have been slacking lately and the guys have been winning. So one of us is going to win tonight and that's all there is to it. lol Gumbo is on the menu and I actually like my moms so that should be good. So that's all for now. I'll try and let everyone later tonight who wins at whatever we play, latest tomorrow! Have a great day!!!!

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