Saturday, August 27, 2005

I officially hate Monopoly now!

I can't stand it anymore. I SUCK! We will not be playing it again anytime soon. Matt won again. I gave up half way through because he had so many damn hotels that I was dead ass broke! My wonderful husband has finally found a game that he can kick ass at. CONGRATULATIONS MATT!!! Dinner was nice though and we had brownies for dessert... so other than the game it was nice. lol

The best part of the night was seeing my baby girl and then leaving her there for another night. ~hehehe~ My mom volunteered for another night. I really love that my mom doesn't mind watching her one a month, it's nice to have uninterrupted sleep. Also my mom loves having Tally around and she is great with her. Now I can't wait to get up in the morning and go get her. It's nice but I still miss her!!!

I've been filling out postcards for my Sweetest Things buddies for our postcard swap and I'm half way done. Only 9 left out of the 19 that I'm sending. Some were easy to fill out and some were hard and generic since I don't know them very well. I sound so stupid when I write generic. I'm sure it doesn't make sense but who cares. lol Also I wrote crooked on most of them, don't know what made me do that but it's to late now.

It's getting late and I'm tired so until next time....


  1. You have the cutest baby in the world! Yeah, I only like to play Monopoly when I'm winning, otherwise, no. I'm a sore loser, lol.

  2. It must be a national wife hates playing Monopoly too (or at least playing it with me).

  3. Yea, I usually hate monopoly but last time I managed to WIN :)

    Love your banner, girl!