Saturday, August 13, 2005

So annoyed!

This is the third time trying to do this post. The first two times I accidently backed out and everything got deleted. I was almost finished both times. Ugh! So lets try this again and this time I'm going to save twice before I finish.

Ok this is like dejavu... but here we go

I was reading Rhonna's blog today and decided to do my Colorstrology and here is what it had to say about me.

My color is Lettuce Green

You have strong emotions but do not alwats express what you are really feeling. You have a way with words and are mentally agile. Partnerships are important to you and a lot of transformation occurs due to your close personal relationships. Writing is one of the ways for you to process your feelings and channel your energy. Your personal color helps increase your stamina. Wearing. meditating or surrounding yourself with Lettuce Green lets you know when to rest and when to act.

It's rare that I find something that actually fits me. Yet I must say this does!! That is pretty much how I am. Everytime I read about Gemini's it says I am a party girl, but let me tell you a little secret ... I'M NOT!!!

Ok enough about that! Now onto my day. Today was my weekly trip to Super Target with my mom. Went ahead and bought Tally a couple of sippy cups to start testing. Not sure how much she'll like them but I wanted to get her started at least holding them. I put some water in one when I got home and she didn't know what to think about it. She seemed to like holding it though and it didn't take her long to figure out that it water came out of it. I've never given her plain water before so she didn't like that to much. She kept making a face everytime she took a sip. lol *cute*

We went to lunch at PFChang's. My mom loves that place. She is always getting it to-go for herself. lol We had the Northern Style Spare Ribs (always have to have those) then we got my mom's favorite Honey Shrimp and for my choice we got Ginger Chicken with Broccoli. Yum it was all delicious. It was kind of our last restaurant lunch for a while since we are both trying to save money so we went all out.

Tonight is our weekly family night with my parents. This is when we get together and play a game and have dinner. My dad is making his famous Chicken Dumplings. I love them and I can't wait. Have no idea what game we are playing, we've been trying to play different games every week. I'll have to put it in my next post. Last week we played Sorry and I won both games we played. The last one I was sitting on the couch with Tally trying to get her to sleep and they were moving me and I still won. lmao

Ok enough for today... c-ya maybe tomorrow!

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