Monday, August 15, 2005

Where did the weekend go?

Well it's Monday and I miss Matt already. lol Vacation starts next week so he'll be home with me all next week.. YAY! I may edit this next after he's been home for a day or so. lmao

Saturday night we ended up playing Chinese Checkers and my dad won. We also played Yahtzee and Matt won both game. It was his first time playing too. Go figure.

Yesterday was a very lazy day and I wasn't feeling well. I had a headache and it continued most of the day even after taking tylenol. Matt was very helpful with Tally though. I did make a page yesterday and a new siggie with Tallys name on it. So I think both of them turned out nicely!

Well I guess that's all for now. May be able to update tonight, if not I will in the morning. I'm going to try and work on another page today so we'll see! :D

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