Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oops missed a day

I was going to post last night and my cable went down. So here I am this morning. Tally and I are both feeling better. I actually worked out yesterday morning and my abs are killing me today. I'm looking into Turbo Jam, not sure if you've seen the informercial but it looks pretty cool. I want something fun that I will like doing. If I work on getting the moves down for a week or two, i should be able to keep up with it ;) So we'll see if I get it first, Matt and I talked and he's playing the maybe card right now. Going to try and fit it into the budget, since it's a $60 set. I'll let you know over the coming weeks, if I get it.

Going to a friends for a playdate today. We sooooo need to get out of this house. Get Tally around some other kids so on the way home she takes a nap. That's what I'm going for these days, at least 1 nap. Don't get me started on how she took 2 naps Sunday for daddy. So playdate today with friend, then playgroup Wednesday and possibly Friday. That is depending on how the week goes, since that's usually my grocery day.

Probably going to make some easy Taco Soup for dinner tonight. Hoping to get some pictures today of the girls for maybe some scrapbook pages. Not that I'm going to have a lot of time to do that today but we'll see. Alright... I need to get ready, I have and hour before I have to be there and I need a shower and the kiddo needs a quick bath.


  1. Have a fun day Trisha! Could you post that Taco Soup recipe...sounds interesting!

  2. Had fun today. We did Chinese...again. Totally my fault and I'll probably regret it tonight at WI. Wish me lots of luck I'm gonna need it! Oh and share those pics, please....