Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Glad this day is almost over!

Tally woke me up at our usual 7 something time, which wouldn't have been bad if I wouldn't have gone to bed at 1 something this morning. Notice my somethings.... since I have no idea what the tiny hand on the clock said, I don't pay attention to it. teehee

Went downstairs to make us breakfast and one of the dogs ate something he wasn't supposed to and decided to throw it back up onto the carpet, in 9 different spots. UGH So we will be renting a steam vac this weekend to clean our floors. Yeah I know you wanted to hear about that but at least YOU didn't have to clean it up ;)

Tally has yet another cold. Runny nose and coughing. If she keeps this up I'm going to have to take her in to see if it's allergies per Misty's suggestion. So she was fussy on and off today. Hopefully she'll feel a little better tomorrow.

Mindy has a new kit going up for sale tomorrow in the Sweet Shoppe plus the new collaboration kit will come out tomorrow also. So don't forget to check them out! I will hopefully have a page made tomorrow evening to show off the new kit, maybe even both kits.

Ok now on to my food diary for today. (Can you believe I'm keeping this up)
  1. 1 1/4 Honey Nut Cheerios-2.5pts and 1/2 cup milk 1pt = 3.5 pts total for Breakfast
  2. Lean Cuisine meal (chicken something) 3pts, 1 Vans yummy shrimp eggroll-2pts and 1 med banana-1.5pts = 6.5 pts total for Lunch
  3. 1 Roasted Chicken Breast 3pts, BBQ Sauce 1.5pts, and 1 cup corn 2pts = 6.5 points total for dinner
  4. Bag of light popcorn (during American Idol teehee) 2pts and 5 YES 5 Whole Wheat CC cookies for 5.5 pts = 7.5 points for Snacks

For a grand total of 24 pts for the day. Didn't count my water cause I had like 2-3 glasses, not sure but not nearly enough.... bad me!

So tonight while putting Tally to bed I pulled my back, not feeling to well right now. I'm thinking about taking a bath and relaxing for a bit before bed. In the middle of downloading that new kit and it still has a few minutes so I might go do that now. No plans for tomorrow especially since Tally is coughing and has that dreaded runny nose. As Misty would say TTFN!


  1. Sorry Tally is feeling crummy. :( Not a bad idea to have her seen by the doctor if this has been going on for a while. Sorry about the dog puke......if it makes you feel any better I woke up to cat puke this morning *rolly eyes*. YUCK! I hope you get a good nights rest tonight. Can't wait to see those new pages. :)

  2. I'm so sorry that T is sick again!!! That is so miserable and I wish this sick season would end for us all.....seems like as soon as one of the girls gets well the other gets sick!

  3. I have three dogs and an 8 month old; I empathize with you. Late nights, early mornings, dirty carpet, ugggghhh!