Sunday, March 19, 2006

Warning!!! This is a depressing post...

well for me at least.

You ever feel like nobody likes you? I get this feeling from time to time. Not sure what brings it on but it's the way I'm feeling. I have a couple of friends that I consider close friends. They put up with me for the most part. Other than that, I'm not sure how many people like me. I'm nice to a point and really only people that are my close friends see my bitchy side. Which I'm suprised they are still my friends afterwards. I feel excluded a lot of times, I don't want to be clingy to the friends I do have either but I hate feeling like I'm not invited, whether it's chatting online or going out. I know it happens and deep down I know that it's not happening to hurt my feelings but it still does. Ok anyway enough about this crap... you are not my therapist, well not yet at least! ;)

I have another page to share before I go to bed. I did this one for Gina Millers sketch challenge at SBB. This is also a re-do of a previous page that I wasn't really feeling. So here it is... 7 Months and Counting!

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Night! Will return tomorrow in a more chipper mood! (I hope)


  1. Happy 7 months Tally! Such a beautiful little girl. :)

    I think we all have those feelings from time to time. I hope things are better for you today. :)

  2. We all have those feelings. I feel like that alot too whether it's with online friends, friends we have here, and at times my family. Keep your chin up girl. Kendall and I love you and consider you and T close friends. Hey, I don't even mind your bitchy side. ;) Seriously though, you're a wonderful person and those of us that are close to you are lucky to have you as a friend. :)


    Jeanne & Kendall

    P.S. - Wonderful work as usual on your pages. :)

  3. I'm sorry you were feeling down. And I hope you get to feeling better....real soon. You know I love ya and I hope I haven't done anything to hurt your feelings. I agree with Jeanne that you are a good person and a good friend. Don't sell yourself short girl.


  4. Oh, I am sorry you were feeling a little sad. I feel the same way sometimes too. I love this page. I saw GM's sketch on her blog and had to do it too. I loved this sketch, and it was so fun to work with=)