Thursday, March 30, 2006

And she did it again...

Have I mentioned how I really really HATE waking up before 8-8:30, yet there I was at 7am getting out of bed. It's bad enough she's cut her naps back most days now she wants to be up at 6-7am. I'll get through this, not happy about it but I'll live.

Well I ended up not cooking last night because I started on a LO . Around 6-6:30 if I haven't started dinner, Matt gets ready to head to McD's or Taco Bell. LOL So I had some McD's chicken nuggets. So tonight will be the roasted chicken. Now to figure out lunch. I really like the idea of this recipe journal and I am really excited to see how many appetizer recipes I will have this weekend after Tiffany sends the zip with them all in it. Give me an idea if I should send them to be printed every week as I get the zips of each category or wait until the end to do them all. Now to find a cute way to display them, altered photo album or recipe box. Guess that also depends on the amount of them.

Ok so here is the layout that is not my usual style but it turned out great. IMO

I used Janel's flower template which can be found on her blog here. There is a great little gift over at Sweet Dreamers head on over if you love wordart! I seriously need to update my links and I'm thinking about new look here soon (for the blog) ;)
Ok heading off to work on that new look or maybe a page, you'll just have to wait and see!

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  1. Very pretty new look. I like the black and pink together!!! Sorry Miss T keeps waking up so early on you. ~~~good sleeping vibe coming your way~~~~~~