Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's Tuesday.. Just thought you should know!

So other than getting up at 6 something yesterday, the day wasn't that bad. Picked MIL up at 7:25, see I could do it. LOL Even got in the shower before hand, didn't get a chance to dry my hair but it was all good. After everything I typed Sunday, I was kind of sad to see her leave. We talked a little bit on the way to the airport. Nothing specific but it was nice. Seriously I think my problem is competing with my MIL for Matt's attention. Maybe that's what makes me want her to go. I don't like my world being controlled by someone else. If she lived here I'm sure I would react differently because she would be in our routine. So that being said, I don't hate my MIL.

Tally had her 12 month appt yesterday too. She is 24lbs (90%) and 31" long (95%). Got the go ahead to stop formula, he said totally, no need to slowly mix them. Also had to buy vitamins for her. She got 2 shots and had to be tested for lead, since we have mini blinds. Poor baby, didn't last long though. Got groceries afterwards. Fun stuff ;)

Matt was home by the time I got here. He had studio lights set up in my dining area, taking pics of one of Tally's dolls. LOL He was happy when we arrived home so he would have a human subject. Nothing special was produced from the pics, he was just practicing. Now today I am finally going to try and get him to the park with Tally so we can get some 1 yr pictures done. It is wonderful outside, high 70's!

Did one Birthday page late Sunday night with Sara Carlings Authentic Kit Love it!!!

Worked on a birthday cake page, did 2 of them but can't decide between the two. So I might post those later or may do another one until I am 100% happy with it.


  1. Glad you got MIL off okay, and that the appt went well. :)

    One of those Birthday Cake pages was just perfect. ;)

  2. Hey, I understand about the whole MIL thing. I just pray that when I become a MIL I'm not hated.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that birthday LO you did. You're so very clever.

    Enjoy your weekend.