Friday, February 17, 2006


Some of yesterday was ok then it went downhill.......

Woke up and other than getting up around 8 things were good. Tally played for a good part of the morning but then didn't want to take her nap at 10-10:30 so I let her fuss herself to sleep. Not full out crying just the on and off again fussing. So while she slept I took a shower and got ready to go to David's, my friend that does my hair. Matt showed up at home right before we were going to leave. He needed to drop off my garage door opener that he stole... ;) We headed off to pick up my mom. Stopped at Sonic on the way cause I needed to eat something for lunch, didn't pick a healthy choice. I got some chicken fingers and fries plus a sweetheart shake. BAD ME!

So we got to David's and he started with my mom first. So Tally and I walked down to the consignment store and picked up a summer outfit for her. There wasn't a lot to choose from in her size. I got a little thin strapped top with some jean capri's. So by the time we got back it was almost my turn to start my color. Tally was a complete angel, most of the time! When he finished with my hair I loved it! I trust David, he's only jacked me up once and that was a couple of years ago. If you know me, you know I get my hair done every 2 months or so and it's usually different every time. Will post a pic later, need a good one and the one handed shot I took yesterday isn't cutting it for the blog world. So I'll take one after I fix it today and post it then.

So here is when my day starts going downwards... I don't know about you but my mom can change my mood like *snap* that. It's nothing she purposely does just the little comments and stuff that drive me crazy. I feel so bad afterwards for snapping at her but at the time I don't know how to control it. So I dropped her off at her car and came home all depressed. Matt met me at the door and gave me a kiss then told me he liked my hair. He could tell I was in a mood. He put Tally down for an afternoon nap. I tried to cheer myself up by going and getting the rest of Tallys birthday gifts plus some necessities from TRU. Got home and Matt is telling me about money, how much we have and don't have. Just kind of annoying when I got a great deal on a little kitchen for Tally. The other things I bought were things we needed. Got out of there spending $43 which I didn't think was bad. So it just annoyed me, but I understand cause we want to go out tonight since my mom is keeping her all weekend. So although we have money I can't go overboard and we still have to get a cake.

So the night continued with me being bitchy, to which I can admit now. ;) Went and picked up some books to read cause I thought that might help... it didn't. Put Tally to bed and was still bitchy with Matt. I swear he is going to leave me one day. I'm a control freak, I realized this today, if things don't go my way when I want them done, I'm hell to be around. So in the end I went to bed at 10 by myself until Matt came up about 30 mins later. I snuggled with him and I think we are fine. So now it's Friday and I am looking forward to my night alone with the man I get pissed off with all the time. Luckily our alone nights usually turn out fine.

Tune in next week for the control freak drama I had over the weekend!

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  1. Hopefully you can let go and enjoy the weekend. Hope it's a great one and that you two have some good alone time ;)