Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lazy day...

You ever have one of those days that you don't want to do anything, yet there are tons of things that HAVE to be done. Pretty much how I'm feeling today. The only things I've done so far is make the bed and two loads of wash. Which are still in the washer and dryer. So that being said I guess I've only made the bed. Matt came home and of course he is like ... this, this and this need to be done. I understand but I don't like being rushed to do stuff. I now that if he sits down though he won't want to get back up. Then I won't get any help, when no matter what it will HAVE to be done before he gets home tomorrow. MIL will be picked up at 6:30 tomorrow night, so glad she isn't staying with us though. lol

So the party... this is the main reason for the cleaning of the house. I almost want to just do everything at the restaurant but doing that on a Friday night probably wouldn't be such a hot idea. Everything is busy. So we'll leave it at dinner, then back here for some cake, ice cream and of course opening of the presents. (Like she needs more stuff) So I guess it's obvious I won't be around much this weekend. All those pictures that are going to be taken Friday night will have to wait until MIL leaves Monday. Maybe I'll lose a couple of pounds from not sitting in front of the computer all weekend. teehee

Ok onto a little scrappin' ... actually one page. Cause thats all I've done since yesterday. lol This is Sara Carlings new kit Aero Love the colors with this and see how well it goes with a girls pics too. ;) Thanks to Misty for having such a cutie to scrap with. I need some more pictures lady!!!

Yeah and she swears she's not a terror but we all know the truth ;)

Tally is being a good girl today even though her naps were not what I was wanting. Had one early but only slept for maybe 30 mins and hasn't gone back down since. It's now 5pm. I can hear her getting fussy as I type, she's downstairs with Matt. I think it's time to lay her down for I guess another 30mins. LOL

Thanks for listening to me ramble, I'll try to post again during the day tomorrow. That's if I'm not cleaning. teehee


  1. Beautiful page with a sweet lil girl. I can see her halo from here. ;) She has her days like any kiddo, but I'm just glad we've had more angel days than toot days lately.

    You can't be cleaning tomorrow silly--you have plans--remember?

    Misty--mommy of the sweet angel

  2. Good Luck with the Birthday party! Don't stress too much over the cleaning. Remember to enjoy yourself. ;)

    Beautiful pages of your girl and Misty's too. :)