Sunday, February 19, 2006

It got better...

I guess. Dropped Tally off at my moms Friday night. Went by to get money for the $1 movies, since they don't take cards. Well it ended up sucking because guess what.... They closed. Ugh Tulsa is falling apart. Now we are going to have to find a new cheap date place. LOL So we went ahead and went to dinner. Chinese our usual place. Then went to Hollywood and rented some movies, Just like Heaven (seen it by dh hadn't), Transporter 2 (not as good as the first, but it was good), and Lord of Wars (ok, not in a rush to see again). It was a nice evening even though during Lord of Wars I just chatted on Matt's laptop the whole time.

Saturday morning... woke up to snow everywhere, which there was a little Friday night. Another thing we woke up to was..... no freaking hot water. Grrrrrrrrr not cool! Luckily a pipe that comes inside from the water heater tank was frozen but thank god not busted. So it just needed to be heater which dh tried with out portable heater and blew a fuse in it. Need to contact the company and find out if we can fix it. So a neighbor whos water heater also decided to mess up on him, lent us his heater after he got his water working. We had the SBC guy coming out to fix our upstairs lines so we can get the fax machine in working order. To which they didn't call or show up. Still pretty pissed about that since they were supposed to come by Thursday and DH missed them by 20 mins when he left them a note saying to try and make us the last stop. Not a very smart thing to be doing considering the cable company does phones now and we could easily get into a package plan to save money. Which at this point as soon as they fix the lines we might do. Suckers....

In scrapping world I did do a couple of pages yesterday. One I can show and the other will have to wait until next month closer to when the kit will be out.

So here is my Valentines layout using Heather Anns True Love kit that can be purchased at The Shabby Shoppe and I used a couple of things from Ronna Penner which can be found at Scrapbook Elements.

So that is all for today, need to go pick up the munchkin at my mom's and then drop off some movies and pick up some yummy shrimp for dinner. Until tomorrow, have a nice day and hope it's better than mine usually is. ;)

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  1. Yeah sometimes life seems to be sucking the big one! I've been reading a book--because that's my cheap form of therapy--lol. It's reminding me of all the "bad" things about early motherhood and how I'm not alone.....sometimes it's just really hard and you have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and wait out the bad period. I'm very jealous on the shrimp--tho if we do make it to MNO, I plan to eat there--if not I imagine it'll be leftover again--bluh! Hope the roads are okay and that I see ya tonight--we both need it ;)