Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Feeling a lot better!

I seriously thought about deleting the previous post but I won't, it's part of the thoughts that go on in my head so it needs to stay... I guess. Took a nap after I made that post got in close to 2 hrs, not the whole time because the phone rang 3 times while I was laying in bed. Didn't answer it but I heard it. The nap was enough to pull me half way out of my funk.

My friend and I are fine. I over-reacted in my sleepy state of being. So things are ok in the house of Burton so far tonight, please god don't let me jinx it.

In scrapping news today was Mindys birthday I made her a little digi card...

I also made yet another page with one of my favorite kits from her First Blossom this also has MandaBeans (Sweet Shoppe) awesome Aged Polaroid Alpha and some of Ronna Penners stitches which can be found at Scrapbook Elements.

Oh btw... like the new look? Decided since I wasn't in the mood to actually "scrap" today I would update the blog for February. I used Gina Cabreras new kit which can be found at the Shabby Shoppe called Daydreams, Ribbon by Ronna Penner(Scrapbook Elements) and Rebecca DeGrazio alpha (Scrapbook Bytes).

On a side note I did buy a couple of kits at the Shabby Shoppe today, it was my valentines gift from Matt, I told him I would take care of it myself today so don't worry about me. teehee If you haven't checked out her regrand opening... RUN ... Get Over There!!! A lot of cute stuff ppl.

Alright I'm done for the night. Wish me luck on my little munchkin staying asleep tonight and I'll try to update tomorrow and maybe make another todo list! Have a wonderful night!

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  1. Glad life's on the upswing---hope Miss T gets better asap so you can come over here and entertain me--lol! ;)