Monday, February 13, 2006


It is to early to be up IMO! I got off of the computer around 1am didn't fall asleep until around 2:30-3am, I hate those nights. I guess I need to invest in some more Tylenol PM for these awful nights I can't get my booty to sleep. I just toss and turn for a couple of hours... Irritating especially when you have a daughter that wakes up at 7-8. Plus I think she has a cold right now or something similar. Little bit of a runny nose with a lot of congestion. I am thinking that she has a couple more teeth about to make their appearance. At least I hope that's what it is.

A little bit of exciting news... for me. LOL I made Mindy Terasawa's CT, her designs can be found at The Sweet Shoppe and you can look at the pages I make for her in the gallery under her name. Of course when I think about it, I will also post them on here. I've done a few this past weekend and already filled my quota ;) I was going to show them but blogger is being a punk at the moment. So I'll try to remember to add them later today.

Another good thing is we are getting $2600 back from taxes this year which will be soooo nice. It's going to pay off that credit card we went a little overboard on during the holidays. So it will be excellent to get that paid off. Then it will be used on an emergency usage only or at least that's what we are hoping.

I've been a little bit of a funk lately. Not sure if it's just cause it's that TMO of what. I've been slacking on my weight loss. Haven't gained much back but am getting a little overboard on my eating. Still haven't gotten back into my exercising. As my friend Misty says... Today is a new day and we get to start over with a new batch of WW points. So that is the plan today! I am going to jump in the shower when T takes her nap in the next hour then I am going to throw in my Yourself Fitness and have a workout with Ms. Maya!

Going to try something new today! I have noticed some other bloggers that I read use the bullets and keep track of their to-do list for the day. And as the day goes on they come back and put check mark next to it so that is a plan for me today!

  • Take a shower a
  • Exercise with Maya (whatever I can fit in 15-30) a15 mins
  • Laundry (at least 3 loads) aa
  • Clean Upstairs Bathroom a
  • Organize Desk
  • Fix Taco Soup for dinner r Went out to eat
  • Keep within points and enter them before bed rSee above

I'll be back to post those pages and check that to do list!

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  1. I kwym about the funk as i have just pulled myself out of one. You're doing all the right things, making lists and getting yourself back on track. This too shall pass, right? Oh and I'm honored that you mentioned me in your blog. ;) Good luck on the fresh start today, I know you've already started off well! Hey and Congrats! again on making Mindy's CT team. She's lucky to have to you.