Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Changing my goal...

Well I think 24 lbs in a big challenge for me to take on when I'm trying to get into better habits. So instead of 24lbs by the end of August I am cutting it back to 10. If I go over great! If it's right at 10, thats great too! I get discouraged easily and setting huge goals for myself will cause me to fail. So the small goal of 10lbs I can definetely make!!! My mini goals are whats important right now. Getting at least 8 glasses of water drank a day, Exercising (slowly getting into the habit of a little a day) ,journaling daily on SP (sparkpeople), getting more veggies, fruits and dairy. Other than with my cereal, I do not drink milk often. When I was pregnant I kept up the 3 servings since I was diabetic and I really hate that I slacked off. So that is one of my major mini goals. Getting back up to 3 servings!

The exercising is rough for me, I was never one to exercise. Today I planned on getting up early. It rained here, so lets just say it didn't happen ;) I listen to music while sitting at the computer though and I put on some fun songs and tried to get Tally to dance with me. She just looked at me like I was crazy... already getting the embarassing mom looks...LOL Going to try and do that for 5 mins at a time for a while. Should be able to add up pretty quick to get 15-20 mins in over the day. That will at least hopefully get me ready for more of a routine soon!

Well I'm going to try and get some scrapping done now, I need to get busy! Matt has a meeting tonight and I'm thinking that we are having sandwiches/soup again because I had a chinese lunch and should probably stick to low calorie food for this evening instead of a big dinner!


  1. I agree with you on the mini goals...much more manageable! And then there is more celebrate on a more frequent basis. :) Bonus!

    I checked out sparkpeople. Pretty cool. I like that they have menus too. Very easy for me to follow right now with DH out of town. ;)

  2. I think your mini goal sounds awesome!!! Aww, I think Tally looking at you like you are one silly ma ma is a sweet moment! I know you can meet your goal and I'm cheering you on!!! I too could not get outta bed to exercise either. Your idea of excercising in the morning really has me motivated to do so also. Love ya!

  3. You can do whatever you set your mind to do... and mini-goals are an awesome way to get going. Just keep on keeping on chickie and all those mini-goals will become lifestyle changes!!!!

  4. don't be so hard on yourself. big changes are hard..I think you are right in choosing smaller ones..you never know if the expectation isn't there you might do better.