Sunday, June 11, 2006

Nothing much to say...

Nothing exciting happened in the past couple of days. Yesterday I went grocery shopping because on Friday, my moms cars air conditioning zonked out on her. So... we ended up having that looked at. When we were done with that it was time to get home. We did buy Miss Tally a stroller like the one she was playing with at Ann Maries. Today we went to the bridal shower for my friend Tara. It was nice! My mom called before hand and asked if we could bring Tally and the lady would prefer we didn't because she had glass cabinets then when we got there Tara's best friend has her daughter there. She is only a few months older than Tally. In a way I'm glad I didn't have to take her with me, just to much trouble keeping her out of things.

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Have a great night everyone!


  1. I agree sometimes its nice not to take them so you can enjoy the shower and not have to babyproof someone elses house for them.

  2. Yeah time alone is good and not having to chase after the babies but its weird that they didnt want her to go and then there was a baby there anyway?? errr.. that is strange.

  3. Well at least you got a few hours off baby duty, but have to agree that it was rude on someone's part. Maybe she didn't ask?

    Now why would Miss Mint want to give away all her $$$ for a year?