Thursday, June 1, 2006

Second post of the day...

So the question is did I stick to my plan.... YES! I drank a 32 oz glass of water, a glass of diet pepsi, a glass of water and then a glass of decaf tea. For lunch I had a bowl of taco soup (ww staple), had a serving of goldfish crackers and for dinner had my canadian bacon & pineapple stombolli! If I wouldn't have ate those mint oreos and tostitos for breakfast... LOL I would have stayed within points. Exercise is happening after Tally goes down for bed. Going to try and get in 15 mins on the elliptical.

I got a lot accomplished today. Got a few groceries from Albertsons, they were having an 8 hour sale! The rest I'll get tomorrow. Cleaned out my fridge and IT NEEDED IT! Done a couple of loads of laundry. Going to try and finally figure out how I'm going to alter my recipe journal box. So guess what that means.... a trip to my LSS!!! Woohoo!!!

Ok better get the kiddo to bed and exercise before I back out! Night!

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  1. did great! you drank alot of liquid today? i've stopped pop all together and am drinking so much water in it's place...It so much better for you, plus kidney stones run in my fam so pop is not so good for that...