Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!

Turned 27 today. It's just another day in the Burton household though. Nothing special going on other than dinner at my favorite restaurant, Shoguns. Ready for dinner and I have 6 hrs to go.... ugh!

So my FIL is coming in next weekend from Ohio. He'll be heading back the 5th. Not sure what he's going to be doing while Matt is at work that Monday. I think it would be to weird to hang out with him. LOL So maybe he'll go do some tourist stuff. I am excited for him to be here though, it's been a year since he has seen Miss Tally. He was here in June last year. Can't wait to get some good pictures of him with her, new scrapping material ;)

I worked on 2 new pages for CT's yesterday and a recipe for the new recipe journal I'm in plus I finished Matt's Fathers Day album. Was a busy girl! I also went to bed early. Tally woke up a few times but not enough to actually get us up just woke me for a few minutes. So here are my pages.. first one is for Atomic Cupcake.

Second is for Sara Carling, her Sunwashed Hideaway, 2 scoop with Christy Lyle at the Sweet Shoppe

Last but not least my main dish beef recipe for this week. Made with stuff from Michelle Colemans @ ScrapArtist !

Have a great day!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I'm loving your LOs. I especially like the Relaxing in the Shade LO. Super cute.

    Enjoy your day and Celebrate!!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it's a wonderful day and that little girl of yours gives you tons of kisses! Lovin' each one of those layouts! That photo of Tally is too precious for words!!! You are so SUPER talented :).

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it has been good so far...and I'll think of you tonight when I'm eating lean cuisine..;))

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope it was great...I love Shoguns too...cause its entertainment too...

    I love the pages...

  5. Happy Birthday lady! We hope you had a great day. Kendall sends kisses.

    Love ya,

    Jeanne & Kendall

  6. Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday dear Trisha.. Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Your layouts are stunning as always :)