Monday, January 9, 2006

I have an excuse I promise ;)

I'm sorry I didn't make a post on Friday. I meant to all day then when afternoon hit, it was not going to happen. Tally and I were both sick all weekend. Starting Friday afternoon Tally stopped eating, started have diarrhea and then started throwing up. I started feeling achy that night and was running a fever. Was up on and off all night checking on Tally making sure she wasn't dehydrated, during one of those she had another nasty diaper and had to change her clothes and the bedding. She took a bottle after that though, all 6 ozs. Then when Matt tried to feed her breakfast she refused the bottle and only ate a little of the cereal. Ended up throwing that up and then some..

Took her to the Urgent Care Sat around noon and found out she has Rotavirus. Nasty stuff and apparently it's all over the place right now. They told us they've had alot of cases of it. Makes me sick since I'm a SAHM and nobody at my dd's playgroup mentioned anything about having something like this so it must have been from a stinking shopping cart ... UGH. Need to make sure I have the shopping cart cover next time I go shopping. So anyway she is doing better, no more throwing up and diarrhea is only once a day so far maybe a couple more days of that.

Now on to me... by Sat night my fever had gotten up to 103 and my throat was killing me. So I went to the Urgent care near my house, not the one for my daughters peditrician. Found out I have Strep Throat. So I'm taking my meds and actually haven't had a fever today which makes me happy. Since yesterday I was scared I wasn't going to be able to take care of my daughter today if I would have. My poor husband was running around this house all weekend trying to take care of me and Tally. He is so great! :D

So that was my excuse for not posting on Friday and whatever I would have said Friday it now lost in my head so that is all you get for today. Of course I couldn't do any scrapbooking since I was resting most of the time and just checking in to my Forums and YIM on Matt's laptop. Plus I don't have any new pictures so far this year. Once we are feeling 100% we'll start that back up.

We'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow but I should be able to post a little something.

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