Thursday, January 5, 2006

I'm back.....

Day 2 of my weekday blogging and I made it. Good start don't you think.

Our day started the same as any day. Woke up to Tally crying ready to get out of bed. Came and layed on the floor in the playroom while Tally played. Then fed her and myself breakfast. She had some tasty formula and oatmeal cereal mixed with Pears and Pineapple. I had a wheat english muffin with egg and half a slice of cheese and a glass of orange juice. Tally took her morning nap. Not a long one though. Took a shower right after she woke up from that.

Decided to take a trip to Target and Bath & Body Works. So I got her ready in the cutest dress outfit w/ matching hat. Headed towards Target, parked and decided to walk down to Marshalls. Used to work there in my highschool days, so I visited with people I know that still work there. Went into Target after that and Tally kept taking her hat off. Found it on the floor once picked it back up and gave it to her. Payed for the 2 cd boxes and the cute pair of shoes for Tally to replace the ones my dog ate last week. You know last week when my dogs also decided to eat a box of brownies from Swiss Colony, you know the ones covered in Chocolate. So it's also the day we went to the vet to spend $100 to have them make Chance and Caramel throw up. Anyways... on with my day.

Called my mom after Target to see when she was getting off work. She said 2 and it was 1:40, so I went and picked her up from work and headed to the mall to go to Bath & Body Works. Ended up not getting anything because I couldn't decide and they didn't have the candle scents I wanted. Got a pretzel and drink and walked around a little bit. Then dropped my mom off and headed home.

Got home and realized, where is the hat. Yes, I lost the hat. Can't remember what happened to the hat after I picked it up at Target. Can't remember if I stuck it back on her head or what. I know for a fact I didn't have it on her head after I picked up my mom. So I called Target, no hat, even went to Target and still no hat. So the cute hat that matches her cute outfit is GONE. Makes me sad but life will go on.

All I can say is I'll miss that hat. ;) See you tomorrow!

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