Monday, January 16, 2006

Feeling better and back to bloggin!

Tally and I are both feeling 100% better this week. Sorry about my lack of posting last week. Just wasn't on the computer for very long during the day. I am now back and will be posting though. :D

So last week Matt became President of our condo association. Mr. President can't even walk to the QT to get me a diet pepsi without getting stopped by one of these idiots that live around here. What used to take him about 5 mins has now turned into at least 30 mins. Let's just say I'm less than happy about this position. I guess I'm selfish in wanting him home alot when it seems like now he is going to be at meetings a couple of nights out the month especially until things get in place.

Miss Tally has two new teeth coming in up top but not the middle two, the ones next to them. The middle two are right there though, you can see them pushing out on the front when you lift her top lip, so it won't be to long. Then baby girl will have 6 teeth finally instead of just the two. Going to start her on some of our food, was just waiting on some more teeth.

She fell Saturday and hit her cheek on the incrediblock. Has a nice bruise there now. I swear she feel and we aren't beating her. ;) Here is a nice little pic of it...
Image hosted by

Also did a couple of scrapbook pages over the weekend, even included myself in one.
Image hosted by
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So thats all for now, Need to save some stuff to talk about tomorrow. Have a nice day and see you soon. :D

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