Friday, June 30, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Going to be a busy weekend. I promise to update on Monday with news and pages! Have a great weekend!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Wow.. has it been almost a week already!!

I am so bad lately. I meant to post during the week more just never started.

So I had a nice birthday. Matt surprised me with a lightscribe DVD-R for my computer. A much needed surprise! Way to many valuable pictures, pages and kits to lose to a crashed harddrive. My CD-R just wasn't cutting it. So 20 cd's vs a few dvd's is soooo much better.

Had a great playdate on Thursday at Mistys. Lisa was there with Logan too. The kids played, we talked... I enjoyed it, as did Tally.

Friday night I went to a crop @ ScrapHappys. Always a fun time especially when your with a good friend! I worked on 4 paper pages. Still need to do a little bit of work on them. Journaling and sewing for sure! Misty and I are discussing a crop retreat at her place when hunting season starts. Getting kind of excited about the plans for it. Nice little mini vacation for the poor mom (ME)I also picked up some paper packs at Hobby Lobby on Saturday, 50% off! Great deal so picked up 3!

Weekend was nice. Family day Saturday and lazy at home day Sunday. So now it's Monday and I have some things around the house I want to do, waiting on Miss Tally to take a nap first. Making a WW chicken pot pie with salad for dinner. So I need to get my chicken precooked and shredded before dinner.

I worked on some pages this weekend but I can't show any until the end of the week. I might work on some that I can show soon. Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!

Turned 27 today. It's just another day in the Burton household though. Nothing special going on other than dinner at my favorite restaurant, Shoguns. Ready for dinner and I have 6 hrs to go.... ugh!

So my FIL is coming in next weekend from Ohio. He'll be heading back the 5th. Not sure what he's going to be doing while Matt is at work that Monday. I think it would be to weird to hang out with him. LOL So maybe he'll go do some tourist stuff. I am excited for him to be here though, it's been a year since he has seen Miss Tally. He was here in June last year. Can't wait to get some good pictures of him with her, new scrapping material ;)

I worked on 2 new pages for CT's yesterday and a recipe for the new recipe journal I'm in plus I finished Matt's Fathers Day album. Was a busy girl! I also went to bed early. Tally woke up a few times but not enough to actually get us up just woke me for a few minutes. So here are my pages.. first one is for Atomic Cupcake.

Second is for Sara Carling, her Sunwashed Hideaway, 2 scoop with Christy Lyle at the Sweet Shoppe

Last but not least my main dish beef recipe for this week. Made with stuff from Michelle Colemans @ ScrapArtist !

Have a great day!

Monday, June 19, 2006


Did a couple of pages this weekend.

This is with Miss Mints new kit Sidewalk Chalk, love it, aren't the beads just awesome!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here we have Mindys new mini kit Happy  she also has a new kit I haven't made a page with yet called Sweet Surrender!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well it's a new day and time for some new pages.... so I'm off to work!

Pictures from the pool @ Mistys

Look at those beautiful blue eyes
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Not sure what the girls were looking at here
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Love this pic!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The girls playing
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Drinking nasty pool water
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
She looks older in this pic....
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Awww, doesn't like the splashing
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Love this pic too, Thank you Misty for these last 2!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Recap of my week!

Wow, I can't believe I haven't updated in a week! Crazy!!! Let's hope blogger isn't going to be a pain today and I can post some pictures!

I'll work backwards. Last night I had a great MNO with the girls. I met them at Elephant Bar, where they were finishing up their dinner. (I of course had mine with my parents, family night) Then we headed over to Cosmos for drinks. I had 1 drink and it was early in the night. The other ladies are another story! So we hung out there until a little after 11 and decided to go to The Brook because SOMEONE wanted some Smirnoff. We all piled into Mistys car and I drove to Brookside! So more drinks and me drinking more water led us to Truth or Dare, more like truth only, don't think any of us were up to dares last night. It was a fun night and I can't wait to do it again! I love my friends and it's nice to be able to get out and hang loose with them! BTW I have some great pictures to share... some were excluded so that I don't get similar ones shown someplace! (You ladies know what I'm talking about)
Lovely pic of Misty!

Misty beating up on Jami

They made up by the time we got to Brook

Sheresa, Misty and Jami


Ladies I had a great time! And we forgot the group picture!!!

So Friday nothing new, just grocery shopping. Oh and I lost 3 lbs this past week! Not sure how, but I'm TAKING it!

Thursday I went to Mistys for a playdate. We sat had fun in the pool, had lunch hung out. Always a great time with one of my closet friends! I'll post the pictures on another post! Blogger is being a b*@$%

The beginning of the week was boring, a lot of hanging out around the house! I've been working on my Fathers Day Album for Matt, I am almost done. I also made my dad a page and framed it. Happy Fathers Day to all of the dads out there!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Nothing much to say...

Nothing exciting happened in the past couple of days. Yesterday I went grocery shopping because on Friday, my moms cars air conditioning zonked out on her. So... we ended up having that looked at. When we were done with that it was time to get home. We did buy Miss Tally a stroller like the one she was playing with at Ann Maries. Today we went to the bridal shower for my friend Tara. It was nice! My mom called before hand and asked if we could bring Tally and the lady would prefer we didn't because she had glass cabinets then when we got there Tara's best friend has her daughter there. She is only a few months older than Tally. In a way I'm glad I didn't have to take her with me, just to much trouble keeping her out of things.

Miss Mint has a new challenge starting on June 19th. You have a chance to win everything she makes for a year! More info can be found here...
Have a great night everyone!

Friday, June 9, 2006


Nothing exciting happened yesterday. We stayed home all day, only walked outside to the garage for my mom to see Tally for a bit on her way home from work.

My diet the past couple of days hasn't been to hot but I didn't do extremely bad! So when I WI this morning I hadn't gained anything and if you want to get technical, I lost .2 on my scale ;) So today is a new day and I am going to try my hardest to keep with plan this week. Still drinking my water, I even had a glass of milk with my LF Muffins this morning! I'm slowly changing some of my habits. Have a couple of new recipes we are going to try this week from Spark People!! Caribbean Chicken and Thai noodle Salad. I really hope we like them! On exercising, haven't really gotten into a routine yet. I am thinking about getting my roller blades out and doing some family rollerblading to get in my cardio. I haven't rollerbladed since before Tally was conceived. LOL At least it's fun, so maybe it will be something I can keep up with during the summer!

Miss Mint/Peppermint Creative is having a Summer Sale, 30% today - 12pm EST Sunday. So you might go check that out! She also has a challenge starting next week, more details to come later this weekend. I can tell you there will be 2 levels to give even new scrappers a chance!

Today we are going out with my mom when she gets off work. We are going to a bridal shower of a former coworker of mine on Sunday. So we are going in together on a gift. Something other than whats on her registry since I am also attending her wedding next month. Bridal showers are really for the bride... right?? We are thinking a gc to Victoria Secret... ooo lala! LOL Then I need to get my grocery shopping done for the week. Have a good Friday!!!

Wednesday, June 7, 2006


Have I ever mentioned I hate sweating?? I really do, can't stand it!! Tally and I needed to get out of the house though. So we went to the playdate at the zoo. Fun stuff!! Lisa and Logan decided to go ahead and go too! It was fun, we walked around most of the zoo. Ate lunch and Tally fell asleep shortly afterwards. We left around 1pm after getting there at 10am, so a good 3 hours. When I arrived home, Matt was already here. So he helped me by taking her upstairs to lay her down while I got our stuff out of the car. Took a really good nap, not sure when she got up though because I took a nap too! Matt came up and woke me up at 5:15pm, no doubt wondering about dinner but didn't say that ;) After waking up that late I didn't want to cook so we had McD's! No I wasn't good, had nuggets and fries! Was decent most of the day though. Drinking my water!

Have a couple of pages to share working with CT stuff! First Miss Mint!
Now Atomic Cupcake! This is a scraplift of the cover of Scrapbook Etc. May/June issue!Ok I think I'm done for the night, if I think of anything to add I'll do it tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of the evening!

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Changing my goal...

Well I think 24 lbs in a big challenge for me to take on when I'm trying to get into better habits. So instead of 24lbs by the end of August I am cutting it back to 10. If I go over great! If it's right at 10, thats great too! I get discouraged easily and setting huge goals for myself will cause me to fail. So the small goal of 10lbs I can definetely make!!! My mini goals are whats important right now. Getting at least 8 glasses of water drank a day, Exercising (slowly getting into the habit of a little a day) ,journaling daily on SP (sparkpeople), getting more veggies, fruits and dairy. Other than with my cereal, I do not drink milk often. When I was pregnant I kept up the 3 servings since I was diabetic and I really hate that I slacked off. So that is one of my major mini goals. Getting back up to 3 servings!

The exercising is rough for me, I was never one to exercise. Today I planned on getting up early. It rained here, so lets just say it didn't happen ;) I listen to music while sitting at the computer though and I put on some fun songs and tried to get Tally to dance with me. She just looked at me like I was crazy... already getting the embarassing mom looks...LOL Going to try and do that for 5 mins at a time for a while. Should be able to add up pretty quick to get 15-20 mins in over the day. That will at least hopefully get me ready for more of a routine soon!

Well I'm going to try and get some scrapping done now, I need to get busy! Matt has a meeting tonight and I'm thinking that we are having sandwiches/soup again because I had a chinese lunch and should probably stick to low calorie food for this evening instead of a big dinner!

Monday, June 5, 2006


First off I would like to thank my darling husband for eating all but one of the brownies. Better him than me!!! Those that have met my husband know that he is tall and skinny and can handle the extra calories. He works hard and burns them off fast!!! So again, THANK YOU MATT!

Now I am doing great today! I have been choosing good snacks for those times I want something. Natural Applesauce is my friend ;) So here is what I had plus what I am going to have for dinner.
1 cup of Honey nut cheerios with 1/2 cup milk
1/2 a large banana, Tally ate the other half
Delightful wheat sandwich with honey ham
the last brownie!! ;)
1/2 cup natural applesauce
half a serving of goldfish crackers (I went ahead and put a full serving on the tracker cause I'm not sure exactly how many were there, just know it wasn't 55)
Then a cup of Applesauce while I fed Tally (we shared this, mostly me though)
For dinner we are having soups and stuff, so I am having
Progresso Beef and Vegetable probably the whole can
then a salad with Romaine, carrots and some scallions with Low fat Sesame Ginger Dressing.
Plus I can probably have another snack later after dinner (something milk based) so chocolate milk or sf pudding!

I am not eating after 8:30pm anymore. I am also going to start going to bed by 11pm and getting up around 6:30am when Matt leaves for work so I can get in a early morning workout before Tally gets up! Water is still going great!!!

Nothing in scrapping news.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

So disappointed in myself!

For the 3rd day in a row, I went over my points. Not a little either. So disappointed in my willpower! I drank my water though. I can say I was good with that. We walked the zoo, I am counting that as exercise for the day. We were there for hours so I'm sure I got a workout with those hills. Eating is just my downfall. I am going to have to remove sweets from my house. The rocky road brownies are delish... that's a problem. I ate 2, possibly 3 today. (seriously can't remember if I had that 3rd, sad I know) So I told Matt to take them... eat some now and take all but 1 to work with him tomorrow!! They have to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then at the zoo my parents brought KFC, after we ate at home but I couldn't tell them no, when they bought food for us. Need to have a serious talk with my mom tomorrow, I know she isn't sabotaging me on purpose but I need to talk to her. So for the 3rd day in a row... TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY! I found an awesome site through Carrie, it's free and called , I am definetly considering changing to it from weight watchers since its free and money is soon to drop again do to my finally getting added to Matt's insurance in August.

I made a page with Mindys new kit "Treasured" It's about being on my road to Self Acceptance! Also did it for a LO challenge on Sara's blog.

And here are some cute pics from the zoo!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Saturday, June 3, 2006

A new start to a new day!

Well I know someone noticed I didn't blog again yesterday afternoon. I'll admit, I was bad. Eating out is a major problem for me. I need to learn to stick to my plan. Sitting at a mexican food restaurant and not eating chips and salsa is like going to a candy store and not buying candy. So I know I can't allow myself to eat at mexican food restaurants until I can control myself. So I fell off plan at lunch, ate the chips...a chicken taco, half my enchilada, rice and beans. Now granted before I wouldn't have left without eating everything on my plate. Leaving food on my plate was a major plus yesterday. (It was probably the chips ;) Then at dinner we went to Ryans....a buffet... HELLO!!! Not to keen on their veggies so I had a lot of meat and some mashed potatoes. Stuck to 1 1/2 plates. Luckily they are tiny and had some banana pudding for dessert. So I am going to say I used my flex points for the week. The rest of the week should be ok for me now. No more plans to eat out.

Today I am doing excellent. I have already put in my points for the rest of the day. With those in, I still have 5 pts left. I made some yummy WW Rocky Road Brownies, 3 pts. Going to take half of the batch to my moms, it makes 24 semi-small squares. Enough to get a chocolate fix though ;)
So this is whats on my tracker today...

1 cup cheerios with 1/2 cup 1% milk
1 cup romaine salad with 2 tbsp of Newmans Own Sesame Ginger Dressing (the kind that is on the asian salad from McD's)
1 cup seedless grapes
1 Rocky Road Brownie
1 serving of my moms Gumbo with 1 cup rice
1 cup Watermelon (dessert at moms)
5 pts left for the day on maybe another brownie and some milk... we'll see!

I know I do not drink all of my milk. I am going to try and work on that over the next couple of weeks. I have been getting my water in for the most part. Something else I need to slowly work on. Haven't had a diet pepsi yet today. Did have 2 glasses of decaf tea and I am drinking a glass of water as I type! So I'm getting there. I weighed myself this morning because I forgot yesterday. I have gained 1.2 lbs since my last WI at the end of April but I now have a starting weight for my new challenge. Ok enough of the weight loss talk.

Matt & I watched 2 movies last night. Date Movie... stupid movie but it wasn't my pick... men! The second one was The Family Stone, good movie. Made me laugh... almost made me cry. I highly recommend it!! Tally is still at my parents house, she went home with them after dinner last night. Will be taking her home after we eat at my parents tonight. Nice to have those nights away a couple of days a month. So grateful that my mom lives a couple of miles from me and loves to spend time with her grandaughter! Thank you MOM!

Ok my laundry needs to be put in the dryer and I need a shower. Will update tomorrow on how my meal plan worked out and if I stuck with my pts and what my plan tomorrow will be. We will probably be hitting the zoo tomorrow, need to use that year pass plus we have a coupon to see the Wings of Wonder for free. Have nice Saturday!!

Friday, June 2, 2006

Good Morning!

Ok, I'm going to start this and add through the day. This way I don't have to try and remember things at 9-10 o'clock at night! About to go downstairs and get my 32 ozs of water for the morning and feed Tally her breakfast. Not to happy with her at the moment.... woke up at 6 AM!!! What was she thinking??? LOL I'll let it pass this time since she is teething. ;)

I completed a LO last night with Miss Mints Sugar Dollhouse papers and elements!
Ok.. more later!

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Second post of the day...

So the question is did I stick to my plan.... YES! I drank a 32 oz glass of water, a glass of diet pepsi, a glass of water and then a glass of decaf tea. For lunch I had a bowl of taco soup (ww staple), had a serving of goldfish crackers and for dinner had my canadian bacon & pineapple stombolli! If I wouldn't have ate those mint oreos and tostitos for breakfast... LOL I would have stayed within points. Exercise is happening after Tally goes down for bed. Going to try and get in 15 mins on the elliptical.

I got a lot accomplished today. Got a few groceries from Albertsons, they were having an 8 hour sale! The rest I'll get tomorrow. Cleaned out my fridge and IT NEEDED IT! Done a couple of loads of laundry. Going to try and finally figure out how I'm going to alter my recipe journal box. So guess what that means.... a trip to my LSS!!! Woohoo!!!

Ok better get the kiddo to bed and exercise before I back out! Night!

Quick post... Get Healthy Challenge!

Sara Carling, One of the designers I create LO's for is having a Get Healthy Challenge on her blog. I've ignored my weight loss plan for to long! I need to get back into it. I have never been a small lady, ever! There is no way I'm putting my weight on here either but to be where I want to be in general, will be another 50lbs total! That will be years from now though. I missed yesterday so today I am posting today and yesterdays challenge. My goal is 20lbs by the end of August.That gives me more than 2 months to work myself down to a good weight. My reward is to start trying to conceive baby #2. Sounds like a silly reward in a way but that is what I want for myself! Since I started this in the afternoon after already having some not so good things for me this morning, I am going to start right NOW! No more junk food, that isn't measured and accounted for within my Weight Watchers points. I will calculate my points every night into my Points Tracker. (Haven't done that in months) Work out for at least 15 mins, at least 4 days a week! More if I can!! I think 4 days is reasonable for me. There are many days I get out and am not home for most of the day plus Tally will not allow me to work out with her around. Those with kids know exactly what I'm talking about ;)

Todays challenge is 32 ozs of water before my diet pepsi and 32 ozs of water after (before bedtime) Ok again, I started this late! So I have already had a small dp! So I am going to drink 32 oz of water now and again after dinner. I plan of making some decaf tea sweetened with splenda to drink mostly during the other times and putting a pitcher of water in the fridge also. I HATE warm water, even with ice in it... yuck!! Now I still need my caffeine everyday but I am limiting myself to one glass. This may help with my sleep problems.

So that's it for now, I might post again with an update on how the rest of my day went! TTFN!