Monday, July 31, 2006

Why your husband needs a cell phone!

Well it's a new week! Hope everyones weekend was nice. Mine was boring until last night. My mom called at 10pm worried about my dad who wasn't home and should have been. He never goes out late and is almost always in bed by 9:30-10pm. My moms store closed yesterday and she was scheduled to work until 10pm. She called him around 3pm and told him that she was going to work through her dinner so they weren't going to meet up. He told her he was going to watch a fishing tournament that ended at 5pm then grab something to eat. Well mom ended up getting off at 6:30pm and got home to no dad. She didn't start worrying until after 9:30pm and then of course didn't call me until 10pm when she wanted to head to Bass Pro Shops where the tournament was. So we got out there ,nothing! Got back to the house and still nothing. Finally after calling the hospitals and even the police station he walks in at almost midnight covered in grease. Flat tire in the middle of a neighborhood(don't ask.. my dad likes to take the weird routes home)at night! He ended up staying at BPS with some buddies from work and having dinner and wine at the expensive restaurant there (hehe, mom wasn't to happy with that)So moral of this story, husband needs a cellphone and one of those big lights to shine on the tires! LOL So we are glad to have him home and none of those bad thoughts in our head were true!

I have some good news to share but I'll let you read it over here.... Bewitched,Bothered and Bewildered

Ok I was going to share a few pages but blogger is being a PITA so I'll try again later today!


  1. Congrats! :)

    Glad your dad is ok! I agree the man needs a cell phone. Soo scary!

    Cute pages above too! ;)

  2. Congrats again on your new CT! You'll be a great addition. Dad definately needs a cell phone and a big flash light for the car. What man leaves home without a Maglite? LOL. I love the new pages of Miss T. :)