Monday, July 3, 2006

See told you I would post!

Well it's been a full weekend. My FIL arrived Friday and we've been pretty busy with him. Saturday night we went to OKC so he could see the Oklahoma City Memorial. Drove back the same night so sorry I didn't call you Suzanne! Had a lovely incident at Myriad Gardens this time. Miss Tally had her first blow-out and it was all down her leg. Luckily I brought an extra outfit. Should have seen Matt carrying her down the block back to the car. LOL We ate at a bbq place on the canal. It was pretty good stuff, just don't order the grilled cheese for your toddler... it was on huge bread. Pics will be shown Wednesday when I have my life back.

Ok onto the scrapping. Most of the scrappers know that Mindy and Sara both went to ScrapbookGraphics and are now Studio Girls. So Mindy put out 4 new kits and Sara put out 1. So I will share those pages.
First one made with Cheerful.

And Groovy Boy

Summer Sweetness

Asian Flair

Last but not least. Sara's La Vie Boheme

So expect pictures and more things to post on Wednesday! Have a great 4th of July tomorrow!


  1. Very pretty pages! And life as you like it is almost back....

  2. I love the pages. Sounds like you guys are having a busy week.

  3. as always.... You amaze me with your pages!! Seriously! You are super-talented!

    And, it's ok you didn't get to call!

    I hope you are getting some rest!!