Friday, December 9, 2005

Pretty Busy lately...

With the holidays coming up I've been pretty busy. Seems like I'm constantly doing something. It never ends.

I had big plans today to finish all of the laundry and get all the rooms upstairs straightened. My mom called and asked if I wanted to go to Wal Mart with her and since I was stuck in the house with the snow yesterday I said sure! So we went and apparently a few weeks ago my mom had Tallys pics done for Christmas without my knowledge. They turned out cute of course (beautiful little subject) LOL So that is part of Matt and I's Christmas gift. Here is one... ok two...

We also went to Kohls and got a little more shopping done. My mom bought Matt's gifts and she also bought Tally something else. Got home around 4 and put dinner in the oven and took a nap on the couch until 7pm and that was only because Matt woke me up cause he was hungry. So needless to say, my laundry wasn't finished and none of the upstairs is straightened. LOL

It snowed yesterday, first one of the season. We only got a few inches and it stayed mostly today since it didn't get above freezing but we will be saying goodbye to it tomorrow with our high of 40 something. LOL Here is a pic I took last night.

I sent all of my Christmas cards last week and everyone should be receiving them in the next couple of days. I've also been working on some creative altered gifts for a couple of ppl. I can not say what they are or show them since 2 of these ppl read my blog sometimes but I will post my altered gifts after they get to open them. ;) One will be next week because I finally get to meet Jeanne!!! YAY!!! I am so ready, she is as well. Only a week away now. So I will be posting pics when I get back. Also pics from my familys Christmas celebration. Ready for some new scrapping material. With Tally being sick on and off lately I don't have alot of new pictures to scrap with.

I've been a winner lately... not weiner... winner. LOL I attended a chat with Shabby Princess a week or so ago and put some layouts in the gallery there and won a $10 gc for the Shabby Shoppe. Lovely suprise, even though it's so hard for me to decide since I have so many lovely things from her already. Then I commented on Heathers blog a couple of days ago and she was giving away some papers as a RAK . Then today during my daily blog reading circle I noticed my name on her blog as one of the RAK winners. I am so excited and can't wait to work with the papers in Tallys ABC's Album. Which I fixed up a little...

Ok I've bored everyone enough tonight plus it's getting late. So until next time... take care of yourselves! :D

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