Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Org Junkie’s 29 Day Organizational Challenge

This year I'm working on getting my house and my health in order. This post is focusing on some of the house issues. The worst place in my house has to be my bedroom, I spend little time in it other than sleeping and getting dressed in the morning. That's why it amazes me that it is our catchall.

First step of the PROCESS is to plan your project. She has some questions to ask yourself right here I'm going to think about it and answer these questions over the next few days.

For now, here are pictures and descriptions of the area...

Our bed and area surrounding both sides isn't perfect but it's not to bad. The bed is a platform bed with baskets that hold some of our clothes. I also have a cedar chest that holds some of our linens but mostly it's a catchall for my clothes.

I have a craft table in there that is "supposed" to hold my sewing machine/supplies, scrapbooking supplies, and my yarn. I no longer paper scrapbook so I rarely get things out unless I'm doing something . So this area needs to be decluttered majorly, it is an eyesore in my bedroom with various craft supplies, fabric and whatever else got tossed over there. The floor next to the table has boxes of yarn and stacks of cooking magazines that I swear I'm going to go through (straight to the recycle bin those need to go). So here is a picture of that area...

Our closet, holds boxes of clothes and various other things that I'm sure need to be gone through but mostly thrown out. Old tv needs to be thrown out. My closet shelves need to be reorganized. This is where I keep my overstock for toiletries, my sweaters and extra comforters. I'm ok with what I have on the shelves, they are in a good spot for our house but I would like to have space in the closet to put the cedar chest. 

Now I am extremely embarrassed about showing how bad my bedroom is but that is why I'm doing this challenge, so I can be proud instead. Over the next month I will be giving updates on my progress and if you have a room that you would like to organize come over and participate too!

Feb 1st ~ before picture link up and welcome
Feb 10th ~ 1st progress link up
Feb 17th ~ 2nd progress link up
Feb 24th ~ 3rd progress link up
Mar 1st ~ Reveal Day to link up both your before AND after pictures


  1. This is going to be a tough, but fun challenge. I can't wait to see the results!

  2. cool space to do.
    Cant wait to see the end results

  3. I'm doing my bedroom too. It was tough to post pics. Can't wait to see the transformation. You can do it!