Sunday, November 19, 2006

Yesterday was the pits... we were supposed to go watch my friends little boy's football game but times were all screwy so we didn't. Tally hit her mouth on one of the tv trays yesterday morning and a tooth cut into the inside of her mouth. So she has a good bruise on the outside and a good cut on the inside. Poor girl, just wasn't her day. So needless to say the plans to do our Christmas pictures got moved to a later date. The evening wasn't to bad, we went to my parents for family night and watched Cars again.

I came home and continued working on my Christmas projects. I love working on crafty stuff. I can't give details on everything because some are for friends that read this but they are going to look awesome! I also am doing some rolled paper in glass ornaments. They are looking pretty good. Not the greatest picture but here is the idea.

Few pages from this week...

I rarely scrap my dogs but here is little Chance. Miss Mints Eighth Night Papers/Elements

Our sneaky little pepsi thief... with Mindy's new Meadow Bliss Kit

Last but not least... my new hair! With Gina's new Falling For You kit that is on sale today only!

Matt went to take pictures of a family for Christmas and also a senior pic of the older kid. I just realized he left his 2GB CF card here and took my 512 mb card... nice! I'm sure he's spazzing right now. I think he has movies on his other 2GB card, hopefully he can clear/re-format that and use it if need be. So I'm alone with the kiddo this morning. Hoping for a better day today... so far so good!


  1. Sorry Miss Tally had such a rough day yesterday. Poor girl. I hope today was a better day. Love the new hair. :)

  2. sorry about the mouth..luckily it heals pretty fast. They are so tough...tougher than us sometimes luckily. Love the pages.

  3. Pretty pages! I love the doggy sweet. :-D

  4. Sorry to hear about Tally's bump on the lip!! I've had a lot of experience with that over the years... my poor, uncoordinated kids.

    LOVE your new hair!! The colour is awesome!!

  5. Love your hair! The Christmas balls are a great idea :)

  6. YOur hair looks awesome!!!! Thanks for the e-mail the other day!! I love the christmas balls too! You are just too crafty!

  7. love the new hair!! and all the LO are awesome as usual.. Sorry to hear about miss tally and her fall and hope it heals up real soon so you can get your photos done! You are soooo crafty.. im jealous!! I wish i was a bit more creative :)