Friday, June 11, 2010

Gardein Crispy Tenders review

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted. I've had a few computer issues that caused me to do a complete reinstall. Now onto my review...

I've taken on the Meatless Mondays for a few months now and for the most part have stuck to it. We are not becoming vegan or cutting out all of those yummy things we are used to but I am trying to cut it out at least one day a week. I found out about the Gardein brand while reading "The Conscious Cook" cookbook last week and when I went to Whole Foods on Wednesday I decided to test out a few of the products to see if I could sneak these past my kids.

Here are the pros for the Crispy tenders
  • Meat-free
  • Kids ate them and liked them
  • I even ate them and liked them
  • Crisped up nicely and surprisingly nice texture
  • Good ingredients, low in fat and calories
  • Price & Quantity ($4.99 for 10 tenders)
  • Processed food 
Overall we liked them and I'm sure I will buy them again in the future. Will I make them regularly, no. First of all I can't afford them to be a weekly thing and second of all I don't buy real frozen chicken tenders regularly so I'm not buying the fake ones all the time either. I do recommend them for those also trying to cut back on meat consumption, they are a good alternative.

I also have the Chick'n Scallopini to try soon, I'll let you know how that taste also!

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  1. well they certainly look yummy! i actually spent awhile in whole foods today, i could devour that whole store!