Friday, March 9, 2007

Been taking a break...

I've been taking a computer break lately. All is well here and I hope all is well with those reading my blog. Hope to be back soon with updates. Until then...Take care!


  1. hope you are getting a good break...i do miss seeing you online and want to talk to you...guess i'll have to use the phone huh? I want updates with the baby after your appt...and I'll have news on Friday!

  2. WE all need a break now and again. Hope you're getting lots of good rest. :)

    Misty<--not signed in...would take effort(that I don't have within me) to sign in

  3. Have a good break, I've also been blogging a lot less often... It's spring and I'm not that into it.
    I do miss your layouts, can't wait to see more!