Monday, October 16, 2006

Can you believe it's been a week since I posted last. Life has been pretty boring. Tally is teething, which has caused a lot of clingy whiny days. I've been learning how to use Matt's camera, which has been interesting. I'm getting the hang of it and have gotten a few awesome pics. Which I might post tomorrow after I resize them to put on Tallys site.

I guess it is time to reveal what Guest CT I am now on... Gina Cabrera's DDE! I am so excited since she is one of my favorite designers!!! So expect some pages to be popping up this week with her stuff. I even have one to share right now!

And one with Atomic Cupcakes new stuff!

Oh and some more good news... my EHD is on it's way back home and everything is in working order! WOOHOO!!!


  1. I'm glad you haven't blogged too much because I've fallen so behind with my blog reading!!
    I'm green with envy that you get to try out all that wonderful scrapping product!! Have I told you that your Layouts are AWESOME!!??!?!

    LOL Can't wait to see the new photos with the fancy shmancy camera!!

  2. Good news on you ehd..i bet you are breathing a huge sigh of relief!

  3. YAY!!! About the guest CT and the EHD! So glad they could save it all...I would die if I lost the stuff on mine;)